A Quick Guide To LinkedIn Marketing #1


The marketing and advertising landscape have changed dramatically over the past five years.

Depending on their target audience and internet usage, brands nowadays have been able to do away with advertising on mass media and have successfully launched purely through online efforts.

These days, even radio commercials are being played on Spotify.

There is hardly any public and online platform that cannot be advertised on to maximize brand efficiency.

One such online platform is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not just a social platform to help you connect with previous and current colleagues.

It is also a social networking site for companies that want to grow their business through manpower development, to create and sustain a brand’s awareness and overall experience, or to update their target audiences with relative and industry-related posts.

Given its type of members, LinkedIn marketing is professional and discreet as compared to Facebook or Instagram ads wherein the subscriber is aware of the hard-sell efforts that are being displayed to them.

Below is a list of marketing hacks to help your company grow its business and reach a wider, more interested audience.

First and foremost, steer clear from hard sell.

Since LinkedIn’s members consist of entry level employees to top senior executives (and might know a thing or two about the tricks of the trade), avoid obvious ‘in your face’ efforts.

Instead, focus on content marketing as this makes the ad appear natural and editorial by nature.

Secondly, put the networking function of LinkedIn to good use: make a connection and then build a relationship from there.

As a business owner or brand steward, one should acknowledge that creating connections with partners or suppliers and prospects is an essential aspect in making a business or service grow and thrive.

Connections have been made and relationships have been built.

What is next?

The third LinkedIn marketing tip is to cultivate those relationships and make it grow.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a numbers driven platform.

The more connections you have, the greater the chance of your account being visible to other groups and prospective leads or partners.

Make it a point to reach out and connect.

Is your business’ page updated?

If it is not, then it is time to make it interesting.

Having an account but not constantly maintaining it might be a big turn off to potential partners and even to existing leads.

As the fourth LinkedIn marketing pointer, ensure your company’s page is filled with current information and is cohesive with the rest of your assets (i.e. website, Facebook and Twitter pages) in terms of content, photos or videos.

Some insights have shown that individuals check if brands or business have a LinkedIn page first, before browsing through their website or Facebook pages.

This is because LinkedIn makes your businesses more ‘human’ and accessible, given its one-on-one connection feature.

It is good to know that by having a LinkedIn account, the networking platform has the potential to do your business or brand a favor, expanding your connections.

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