People Are Stealing From You…

Yes, they are, especially if you have a lot of quality content on your Word Press website.

I was getting increasingly worried about people just copying and pasting the hard work I put into writing posts on my blog.

After all, if you’ve done any form of content writing yourself, you know you have to put in a lot of time and energy, including all the editing and re-editing, particularly if you’re an out and out perfectionist like me! I think sometimes I need to give myself a break from this particular trait lol!

You know, there’s nothing worse than having someone steal content from your site. Whether it’s someone copying & pasting your blog post onto their site…

Or, someone linking directly to a file or image on your site.

It’s not good.

If you’ve experienced content theft before, you know how awful it feels.

A new plugin was recently released and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

It will protect you from unscrupulous people who want to steal your stuff >>> Mouse Here

You can protect all of your sites content in just 1-click (literally).

I bought WP Content Guard a couple of days ago and I’m amazed. I’m still playing around with the image linking function, but I have the written content function turned on.

Check it out, see if you can copy and paste this blog post. I think you’ll find that it doesn’t work … clever isn’t it!

It’s super easy to use and the guys who created it support their products 100%.

Don’t wait until someone steals from you.

You need to take action and pick up a copy right now:

WP Content Guard

Make sure to watch the video at the top of the WP Content Guard product page so you can see it in action.

It comes with my highest recommendation.

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