The Social Media Bandwagon

Social Media Band Wagon


You have no choice if you want build relationships, which you should certainly want to do! See my previous post on the importance of relationship building.

Using the whole range of social media will give you massive exposure if you apply your effort systematically by providing good quality and helpful content to others.

NEVER EVER make the mistake of being salesly on social media networks (unless you are using the various ad platforms e.g. Facebook Ads, and even them tread carefully).

The comparison should be like if you invited someone to your social event, like a barbecue or a party. Your guest happens to be a used car salesman, who within minutes of stepping over your threshold or onto your patio,
they start trying to sell you a car. It would turn you right off and you wouldn’t invite them back. How bad-mannered they are.

Beware, you can create this exact same effect, if say, you ‘friend’ someone on Facebook, they accept,
and then within minutes, hours, or days they are seeing sales messages from you in their news feed. They would probably ‘unfriend’ you immediately – I know I would.


Of course, the picture I painted above was extreme, but there are a whole variety of ways this attitude can emerge. Take a look at most internet marketing Facebook groups, especially if they have open access. The word ‘spam’ comes to mind.

By the way, just posting your latest affiliate offer in these groups is futile, it will be lost in a ‘sea of spam’.

Be a helpful contributor on social media. See my previous post on this.

If you want increased sales and awareness of your business or organisation, you have two choices; either to carry on doing what you’ve always done, or jumping on the SOCIAL MEDIA BAND WAGON.

The use of social media for marketing and influencing is NOT A FAD – it’s here to stay!!!

All the big brands have jumped on the band wagon; if you’re in business you need to as well.

This is one area of marketing in which small to medium sized businesses can compete on a level playing field with the ‘big guys’.

Without doubt the first thing to do before using social media for marketing purposes is to build a solid foundation …

Build a blog, preferably self-hosted.

Let’s talk about blogs and why they matter.

Your blog provides a home for all your content – it’s your ‘base camp’

The goal is for you to get everyone in your network to subscribe to your blog.

Blogs give others a real insight into what we are really like – the old adage that ‘people buy from people’ is true

Blogs provide huge SEO (search engine optimization) benefits; the search engines love them.

You can build proper relationships with your blog. You can create really good relationships online through your blog

WORDPRESS – A Fantastic Blogging Platform – here’s why …

It’s cheap

It’s flexible – you can change the look and feel of your WordPress blog almost instantly

Once you’ve had some practice – it’s really easy to use; ‘bye bye’ expensive web designer!

Provides terrific SEO

Can use a fantastic range of plug ins, themes, and widgets to make your blog function well

Using WordPress makes it really easy to add photos and videos to your blog

That’s it for now; till next time.


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