Are You Under Attack?

… You might be, I was under attack from hackers who put malware in the files of my hosting account around about January 2017.

The only reason I knew this because when I attempted to go into the dashboard of one of my main WordPress web sites, I was hit with this mother:-

To say the least I was absolutely gutted … I thought what the fricken !*@*  happened. It made me feel sick. After all I’d put a lot of time and energy into building my sites, only to have them shutdown.

Then to make matters worse, it happened again, six months later, in August. I had to do something and fast.

I’ve never found the cause, but I think the WordPress platform is particularly vulnerable … if you’re using WordPress, I implore you to use a very, very strong password.

I found the solution with Sucuri, this is a server side protection software which scans and protects your hosted files from malware attacks … I suppose you can think of it like the anti-virus that you have located on your computer, except it’s located in your hosting account.

I now have my main sites covered by Sucuri and the good news is that I’ve found a 25% discount coupon for you, so that you can use it at the checkout. Here it is YOAST252017

I hope it’s still valid when you come to use it; if not, I’m sorry that you missed out.

If you really want to know how many cyber attacks your WordPress website is getting everyday, I recommend you install the Sucuri Security plug in; it sends you e mails everyday showing how many attempts have been made to break into your site …. it’s mighty scary!!!

When you sign up to Sucuri, they immediately carry out a malware scan and then clear the nasty stuff, and then install the protective software to ensure your files stay clean.

You get a whole lot more with your subscription, too; and their support system is excellent. Check out Sucuri by clicking here


Till next time …


Onward & Upward!

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