The 4 Biggest Mistakes When Writing An E-book


While it might appear that writing an e-book is an easy undertaking, the reality is that the majority of e-books are awful – embarrassing at times, actually.

That’s because most people who undertake writing an e-book haven’t any idea how to write anything and they don’t have the support of a publisher.

We’re going to look at 4 of the biggest mistakes made when writing an e-book.

Now you can avoid making these awful mistakes:-


1. Writing About a Topic You Know Little About

If you are looking to create a top-notch e-book – a premium e-book – you might be tempted to pick the current ‘hot topic’ because you believe that’s where you will be able to make the most money.

When you are creating your sales page you might be tempted to do the same thing – create your pitch around a merging topic.

This is especially a mistake made by those who are selling on Amazon because they think they have to be in one of the popular categories.

Instead write on a topic you know something about.

Your e-book will be a better quality and you will save tons of time on the research.

Plus, you will have an audience ready to go.


2. Write an E-book on a Topic You Think Your Audience Needs

This is a common mistake.

You recognize a topic that you think your readers need to know more about so you write the perfect e-book for them because you want to help them.

Sounds smart but most times it backfires because what you thought they needed isn’t actually what they want.

Instead, run a survey and ask your followers and readers to pick from a list of e-book topics.

This will tell you if you are guessing correct about what you think they need and if you are wrong you can adjust and write on something that they are looking for.


3. You Think Like a Writer Rather than a Publisher

It takes more than deciding what you are going to write to be a successful writer.

You need to be writer, publisher and marketer. Yet, most writers don’t think past what they are writing.

Start drafting your sales page before you even begin to write your e-book.

Your sales page should make your e-book sound inviting, interesting and useful.

You can use this pitch to drive your writing as well. Make sure that you are always wearing all three hats.


4. Starting to Write – Leap Before You Plan

You have your topic and so you start writing.

The trouble is you are going to find yourself in trouble before you know it because you lacked the planning stage.

Start by planning your e-book before you begin to write.

Have a clear outline with each chapter title and then a breakdown of content.

Now that you are aware of these 4 big mistakes you are ready to avoid them right?


Till next time.



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